What is Traffmaking

Traffmaking is based on the results of the world's leading internet marketing company specializing in cost -per-action campaign dedicated to optimizing revenue. Payment is based solely on qualifying actions such as lead, download or sale. Partners receive commissions when the lead or sale is generated from advertising they are promoting .

Who is your partner?

Affiliate , also known kakizdatel website owner, search engine marketing , media or e- mail to the purchaser the list owner who promotes merchant products or services and earns a commission for leads or sales .

Who is an advertiser ?

Person / company selling goods or services , also known as a seller. The advertiser pays affiliates for sending traffic to their website or application when the desired action is completed (the product or service is purchased, then the download , etc.).

How Traffmaking fits into Advertisers and partners ?

We attribute the CPA advertisers with high quality affiliates. Smezhdunarodnogo attention and a wide range of verticals , we can obespechitpravilnoe offer any kind of traffic . We manage the relationship between the advertiser and the affiliate , handling all the tracking and billing. With full focus on performance , we deliver and serve campaigns that convert . A full-service Traffmaking approach and expertise will exceed your expectations of a standard network.

Affiliate approval

Whether to accept an international partner ?

Absolutely ! Affiliate Traffmaking takes applications from all over the world ! We extend best deals and advertisers publishers based in Europe, Asia- Pacific, North and South America. With regional offices located in the UK , USA, Canada and Spain, we can support our international subsidiaries with a high level of service.

Will I be approved if I do not have a website ?

Yes, if you can provide an acceptable way to promote our ad in the application process , you will still be considered .

The reasons why your affiliate application may be rejected

The main reasons that we reject the Affiliate application:

We were not able to contact you by phone , Skype, and the goal has not received a response to a letter we sent.

Vyseti and we do not allow our offer to mediate.

Based on the answers you provide , we do not feel that our cooperation will be beneficial at this point.

Inaccuracy of information on the program - We cross referencing information applications and where it is established chtoPartnerskaya submitted the wrong name , phone number , address, website , or any false information , they will be denied .

What is the fastest way to be approved?

Traffmaking is committed to attracting and ensuring that only quality publishers have become part of our network. So fill out the application publisher and we will imetmenedzhera development partner with you within 72 hours.

Therefore, in order for us to quickly and accurately process your application , it is important to :

You provide only true, complete and accurate information , which is yourself, your experience Affiliate Marketing and the alleged methods of promotion .

You follow the instructions for use carefully, as the provision of inaccurate or incomplete information will require us to delay or deny your application .

You can also contact us through our 24/ 7 online chat to speed up the approval process.

Which methods of promotion are allowed on the campaign?

We take all kinds of traffic , except for stimulating marketing and has a zero tolerance policy for all fraudulent applications . Each campaign will clearly indicate that the methods of promotion allowed. If you have any questions about this or hotelikampanii open to your innovative type , refer to the Partnership Manager.

Traffmaking affiliates monthly pay NET15, biweekly or weekly NET4 ( meaning payment is sent for a full week , Mon - Fri next Thursday or earlier). Our network operates on Greenwich Mean Time, London (Europe / London).

When / how often will I get paid ?

Affiliate payments are directed to the net 15 schedule. If you are on a weekly , you will receive a return on Jan. 4. For example , the income you earned in December will be sent to you on January15.

You send the payment through bank / PayPal / Payoneer for all countries / internationally?

Yes, we will send payment via wire / PayPal / Payoneer to affiliates in any country they are located.

How can I get money for bi-weekly/weekly basis?

Publishers must generate a minimum of $ 1000.00 per week to opt-in for the weekly payment .

Traffmaking pays publishers who generate $ 750 per week ( $ 1500 a two-week period) register for the two-week NET15 payments. Fifteen working days after the two week period, the payment will arrive on the basis of a payment choice.

I get paid for clicks and / or impressions?

Traffmaking is the cost per action (CPA) network , only paying publishers for qualified activities generated as a result of their promotion . Thus, we do not pay publishers for clicks and / or impressions.